Many diseases are spread through dirt and pathogens on your arms and under your nails. The transfer of the disease causing pathogens from your nails to your food and drinks causes you to fall ill. When you serve your family, they also consume the pathogens that you already had.

Keeping clean reduces the chances of the spread of diseases by 50%.

Therefore, you must keep clean at all times. Make it a habit to do the following:

  1. Wash your hands even if without soap. It is better to use soap but at least, rinse your hands.
  2. Do not sneeze and touch other people’s food.
  3. Do not cough and touch other people’s food and items.
  4. Carry a bottle of water with you, clean water.
  5. Always wear clean clothes and shower regularly.

“Cleanliness is the best defense against any disease”.

Alfred Yambo

We can all reduce the spread of any diseases out there by just being clean. Long before we talk of medication, we can just start with our own personal cleanliness. We must encourage those around us to maintain the same.

The current COVID-19 can be mitigated by 50% if more people showered and used proper cleanliness measures for themselves and their families. This is a gradual effort but can help save a future for us and our children. Do not fear the rains and the cold weather. Take a shower today. Keep clean.

Published by Lavine Les Mots

"Do unto me as you would have me do unto you". "Fais-moi ce que tu veux que je te fasse"

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