Preparation for School Reopening

The Minister for Education, professor, George Magoha, recently announced that schools may reopen soon. The COVID-19 is still an issue to watch out for as we all wait to see what will be of the new term. Our children certainly have a lot of catching up to do as they reopen schools.

Honourable Professor, George Magoha recently announced of a possible reopening of schools.

Caution however should be taken to ensure that they are well prepared psychologically and physically as it is going to be a different experience for them. You should remind them to maintain a safe distance from each other and have their masks on. Remind them to use the sanitizer spots that have been placed on their schools or will be available in due time prior to their reopening.

“Keep your child safe even when they are far away from you”.

Henry’s Care Initiative Quotes
Preparation for school reopening.
We still have to keep our children safe.

It will be a bit of time before they get used to it but they eventually will. With your help as a parent, guardian or elder sibling, your children will be safe as they rejoin school. You must make sure that you do your part and keep them as safe as possible with good advice and proper direction. We need them to continue studying and we are all a part of their success in the future.

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