Henry’s Care Pharmaceuticals distributes medical equipment to hospitals in and around Nairobi County.

The Henry’s Care Initiative is also a healthcare company which deals with distribution of medical¬† equipment ,pharmaceutical and surgical tools to hospitals and clinics in Nairobi, Kenya¬† with a set lite of offices in other counties within the country. This is how we raise money to fund our charities amidst the support of well wishers.

The company mainly deals with medical, surgical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics supplies to Government Ministries, Parastatals, Non- governmental organizations and private companies.

In addition, the company has incorporated other subsidiary services over time since inception in order to be in tune to both business dynamics and the economies of scale as high lightened in the subsequent parts mentioned.

In this COVID-19 time, we also deliver PPEs and other COVID-19 related items to medical professionals and societies alike.

The company has ventured to address the issue of COVID-19 through deliveries of PPEs including: masks, sanitizers and masks to various parties. These include the medical teams and societies with extreme levels of poverty and lack of access to resources. It has been a larget plan to promote our charity body by reaching out to the poor girls and women in society even though in this, we also include boys and men.

Our Medicare is Flexible and Open

We are able to do the following:

Deliver medical equipment to hospitals

Our main agenda as the Henry’s Pharmaceutical is in the delivery of medical equipment and surgical tools. This we do to hospitals across Nairobi County and its environs.

Provide PPEs towards COVID-19 Resilience

We are helping in the fight against COVID-19 by supplying masks, sanitizers, water tanks and majorly PPEs for the medical personnel in hospitals. We are also making it a charity for the poor and underprivileged in society.

Offer Surgical Tools and Import Other Medical Equipment

We also do our best to order for surgical equipment not locally available. This we achieve through the aid of international grants and successful proposals from international donors.

We would like to expand our business to international levels. We have managed to accumulate liaisons across East Africa and Europe. We seek to extend this reach to other countries and regions of the world. Our business also focuses on offering funding to our charity body as we aim to provide better health care to the poor and vulnerable. We still aim to meet the needs of the persons living with disabilities.

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