Henry’s Care Initiative prides itself in a well savvy and capable team to run its day to day operations. We have a strong will and desire to deliver to the PLWDs, Human Rights Violation victims, gender abuse victims and more still, the HIV/AIDS victims. Meet our team.

Alfred Yambo

Executive Director

Yambo is a Human Rights Activist, an intermidiary against gender based violence, a champion for gender equality, a peacemaker and advocate for the rights of girls, women and children. He is rightfully the chairman of the Henry’s Care Initiative, an NGO set out to promote all that sees to it a better access to health, education, Human Rights, social justice, help for the PLWDs and those living with HIV/AIDS. He also takes it upon himself to support the cause of the youth, persons living with disabilities, people prone to HIV/AIDS, the poor and vulnerable and the ones who lack resources to education and growth. In addition, he also values his services in youth empowerment, Pan-Africanism and social development. Yambo remains committed and dedeicated towards the betterment of society and innovation of more access to basic human needs for the poor and vulnerable. He holds a Masters in Political Science and Public Policy.


Astha Dipak Sachania 

Program Manager

Astha Sachania is a strong believer in gender equality and in empowering women and girls and believes that it is one of the most important factors to moving from a developing world to a developed world. She has been passionate about work for the needy and vulnerable for years. Engaging herself in charity work for orphans, the hungry and also the environment. Following her work in a local NGO she has been exposed to the pain of poverty and seen the need to make our country a better place. She is a passionate speaker on gender equality, gender based violence and the importance of mental health. She is a counselor and psychologist, holding a psychology degree from the University Of Nairobi.


Judith Akinyi

Executive Secretary

Judith Akinyi is a motivated speaker in gender equality and support for the persons living with HIV/AIDS. She is also a voice to the orphans and the children without proper access to education, food and medical care. She loves to help the poor and vulnerable in schools and communities through donations of sanitary pads, clothing and food. She is also a former project manager in a quest to encourage more women into leadership positions. She holds a Degree in Law from Kenya Methodist University.


Larry Lama


Larry Lama is a Human Rights defender, a champion for the rights of women, the youth and girls in particular. He also is a supporter of equality for all, including equal political leadership positions for men and women, people living with HIV/AIDS and the handicapped. He is an active contributor and participant to donations of social and basic needs to school going girls such as sanitary towels and laptops for studies. He is also an advocate for youth in leadership and has had various successes pushing for the cause of the youth to take up government positions. He also holds a Degree in Law from Kenyatta University.


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